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About this Campaign

The Ecuadorian Amazon is developing rapidly. Oil extraction, deforestation, and unsustainable agriculture are destroying the greatest rainforest on earth. Meanwhile, indigenous knowledge and culture is disappearing as these forces destroy the ecosystem that indigenous communities rely upon. The few indigenous leaders who gain graduate degrees usually leave their homes to work in big cities or foreign countries.

Fundación Runa is raising money to send two indigenous leaders from the Ecuadorian Amazon to attend an innovative MBA program co-financed by USAID at the Escuela Politécnica del Ejercito (ESPE). During their studies, they will work with Runa to apply their skills to solve real world business problems in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They will also commit to working in the Amazon for at least three years after graduating.

Patricio Andy and Ernesto Huatatoca have been chosen to receive this scholarship based on their excellent work with Runa and their desire to use these newly learned skills to help their communities raise themselves out of poverty.Patricio and Ernesto both graduated at the top of their class from the regional university but were not able to attend further study because they had to work to support their families. This scholarship will cover tuition and provide a small stipend for both candidates.

With your help, we can send these talented young leaders to attend this new MBA program and help put the Ecuadorian Amazon on the right path of development.

- The Runa Team

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Anonymous $1215.00
The Mittlemann $50.00 All the best, Dan
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Tim McCarthy $100.00 Dan: Hope this helps with match funds. God bless your work. Tim
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Alan Harlam $100.00 Thanks Runa for your great work supporting educational access in the Amazon.
Brian Shobe $10.00 Creo en ustedes, Patricio y Ernesto. Que todo vaya bien en sus estudios. Y que continuen a aumentar la vida por sus familias y comunidades.
Margo Murdock $50.00 I wish it could be more. May your hopes and dreams be fulfilled
Becky Williams $100.00 I wish you both all the best. You are such special people to support your community and work for social justice. Much love to both of you!
Aliana Pineiro $25.00 Go Patricio and Ernesto!
Paul Sorensen $250.00
Peter Peter $150.00 Go Runa!
Tom Lisicki $250.00 We wish you the best!
Chris Jarrett $40.00
Eliot Logan-Hines $300.00 Thank you to all who donated on my birthday. This is my pledged matching donation.
Fernanda G. $150.00 Joyful to contribute to the great things Runa is accomplishing in the Amazon
Angela Rengel $100.00 Good luck Patricio and Ernesto!
Braden $50.00
Tyler Gage $100.00 Help support Patricio and Ernesto!